Castle Drogo Dartmoor National Park

Feb 3rd 2015 update
Just happened to see the Moon rising tonight right over the Castle. By the time I'd got the camera and long lens sorted it had risen considerably.

I'm not really obsessed with the Castle but it's the most prominent feature of our view.
The remaining missing roof section can be seen on the large part of the scaffolding. Perhaps it will be fixed tomorrow.

Whilst the repairs continue on the roof of Castle Drogo the recent storms in January 2015 have played further havoc with the scaffolding and covers.

All this damage was over a few days around 13th January 2015, and the weather, especially the wind, has delayed repairs.
Now it's February 3rd and repairs are still ongoing with just the roof on the large section yet to be re-sheeted.
It is so exposed up there, i don't envy the task of the scaffolders!

Friday 15th February 2014
Severe storms batter the South West again today.
And Castle Drogo was the scene of even more damage to the scaffolding cover.

This picture taken from our house shows just how much cover has been blown away. There are at least 2 roof sections missing on the large roof, several on the small roof and plenty of holes in the walls!
Are the builders still working on the Castle? I doubt it.
This is what the Castle normally looks like.

Blowy again today?
Castle Drogo bears the brunt of the storms.


What else do we talk about!
But it has been horrid for weeks now with no signs of a let-up.
Thank goodness we are well above sea level and not on a flood plane.
Our house is for sale (now sold) but don't hold out much hope until things improve. 
Our rainwater harvesting tank is, of course, FULL. We use rain water to flush all the toilets, which apart from saving us 50% of the water bill, is more environmentally friendly than using drinking water, which will be a valuable commodity in the future.
We look out up to Castle Drogo on the edge of Dartmoor National Park where the most ambitious roof repair on any NT property is under-way.
Huge scaffolding was erected late last year and is now covered with white sheeting to allow the builders to work in poor weather. Trouble is, it keeps blowing off! It lasted less than a fortnight the first time and was repaired quickly, but has blown off repeatedly since, with repair times growing between storms. Didn't they realise it sits nearly 900 feet above sea level with an unobstructed unprotected view over Dartmoor. More storms this weekend and for sure it will be in tatters again. It will take more than a bit of sheeting to protect the Castle fully.
Locally the rivers have burst their banks repeatedly, thankfully the levels are quick to rise and quick to fall around here so no real flood damage.

We have had little damage, the worst being the bird table, which despite being anchored down by a huge granite set, blew over and broke. Repaired again now and an extra guy rope is helping to keep it from blowing away.
Our Solar PV panels are still on the roof! Some nights when it's howling a gale it sounds like the builders are in wrenching them off. 
Of course the electricity keeps going off, no worries though, the torch isn't far away and we have all those candles to get through. Our only problem with the power outages is that it keeps coming back on for about 5 seconds then off again. It gives us hope of course but causes havoc with internet routers and computers etc.
Oh well, time to go and check everything is nailed down ready for the next storm.